Welcome To The Whipple House

Welcome To The Whipple House

Hi, quilting friends! I'm so excited to share my patterns with you. I've been quilting since I was a teen, and I've always loved playing with my own designs. It's been scary to put myself out there, but I decided this was the year to do something big and scary. 

My hope is that Whipple House Quilting will give you approachable patterns from both the modern and traditional schools of quilting. My debut patterns are aimed at beginner to intermediate expertise, and are meant to be a jumping off point to your own creativity. I want to help you expand your skills while also taking on project you feel you can finish. To me, the "perfect quilt" is one that is done and ready to cuddle with. 

So welcome to my house. Pull up a chair, have some snacks, and let's create pretty things together.

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